Dear fellow this office is a law office which lead by Ato YARED GEBREHANA MINDA, he acquired a licensed advocate for federal court, & had spent his LAW school enrollment in BAHIRDAR UNIVERSITY ,Since his graduation year 2005G.C. onward, the lawyer was a Judge for first instance state court of AMAHARA ,employed Attoreney & legal service head of various company as well as in federal government institutions in Addis Ababa. Totally he have more than nine years of various disciplines of legal experience &full understanding the structure,culture, trend,procedures of legal profession of the country the office’s clients handling, hospitably is positively interactive, in courteous & professional manner ,besides the academic credential the leader has extensive knowledge for family,criminal ,labor,tort,contact,&court procedures & committed to protect both for the rights of clients &preserving established laws our ability is prioritize assignments &remain organized in a fast based environment with strict confidentiality.

Addis ababa kality Total
Mobile +251922145697
E mail:yaredrobit@yahoo.com


ምላሽ ይስጡ

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